Research & Published Articles

Over the past year, I have been researching remote workers all around the world; you’ll find a lot of that work synthesised on my blog. It’s important to me to ensure research doesn’t just sit in the hands of other researchers, but becomes useful to those in industry who can use it to improve their companies and the way those companies operate. If you’ve any questions about this research (or are interested in engaging a new research project), please get in touch.


Remote Work - Competencies and motivation

We are living in an economy where talent acquisition and retention have become one of the major challenges facing organizations. The good news is that a new workforce has emerged to fill those gaps and is not only location independent, but skilled, passionate, and willing to work without bricks and mortar offices. However, are they, and organizations, ready for such a context? Are the skills and competencies required for success in this context clear and identifiable? The results of this research project provide insights into the required competencies for success, as well as the support and feedback required by the remote worker, all from the perspective of remote workers.

Here you’ll find two expressions of the research we performed. The Academic Paper is written with implications for business education, and the Industry Report is written to assist businesses in building and supporting their remote work force (or come to the conclusion that they’re not ready to support remote workers).

Published Articles and Podcasts

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